Love Island Season 10 Episode 36: Movie Night Fallout! 10 July 2023

Tonight (Monday 10 July 2023), ITV2 broadcasts an episode of the series Love Island!

Season 10 Episode 36 Episode Summary

Tonight, the aftermath of Movie Night continues to send shockwaves through the Villa, leaving the Islanders on edge and ready to confront one of their own.

The boys, fueled by a mix of frustration and disappointment, gather to confront Mitchel about his alleged “snake” moves. The boys take a stand against Mitch after another incriminating clip surfaces from Movie Night. Tyrique voices his disappointment in Mitch’s behavior, labeling it as “bottom of the barrel.” Sammy and Montel echo the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of loyalty among friends. The group confronts Mitch, who defends himself by claiming that the clip was taken out of context. Tensions run high as the confrontation unfolds, with Zach provocatively addressing Mitch as “snake boy.” The accusations fly, and tensions reach a boiling point as they question his loyalty and integrity.

Jess and Sammy, caught in the midst of a complicated love triangle, attempt to find clarity and resolution. Jess and Sammy’s relationship faces a critical turning point as Jess struggles to move past the revelations from Movie Night. In their conversation, Jess expresses her frustration and emotions, revealing her weariness of feeling this way. Sammy, on the other hand, expresses his desire to break free from the cycle of repetitive discussions. Their exchange becomes heated as Jess accuses Sammy of avoiding the truth, raising questions about the future of their connection. The air is thick with tension as they engage in a heartfelt conversation, desperately trying to untangle their emotions and navigate the complex dynamics that have ensnared them. However, the deeper they delve into the situation, the more they find themselves trapped in a never-ending cycle of confusion and conflicting feelings.

In a bid to win back Leah, Montel stages a grand gesture reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. With the support of Zach and Sammy, he delivers a passionate speech about his feelings for Leah, hoping to reignite their connection. Leah watches from the firepit, observing Montel’s heartfelt declaration from below.

The Villa is a pressure cooker of emotions as the repercussions of Movie Night’s revelations continue to unfold. Trust is shattered, friendships are tested, and the pursuit of love becomes a treacherous path. Each contestant grapples with their own emotions and desires, struggling to find solid ground amidst the chaos.

Movie Night brings chaos and tension to the Love Island Villa as the Islanders gather to watch their deepest secrets unfold on the big screen. The highly anticipated event has everyone on edge, eager to see what revelations will be exposed.

Part 1 of Movie Night kicks off with a video that puts Scott and Catherine in the spotlight, causing immediate tensions between the girls. The content of the video raises questions and stirs emotions as the Islanders are confronted with unexpected revelations about Scott and Catherine’s past interactions.

The atmosphere becomes charged with a mix of curiosity, shock, and betrayal as the girls grapple with the implications of the video. Trust within the Villa is put to the test, leading to heated discussions and conflicting emotions among the Islanders.

As the film continues, the Villa is consumed by a whirlwind of emotions and confrontations. Secrets are exposed, alliances are tested, and the foundations of some relationships are shaken. The impact of Movie Night reverberates through the Villa, leaving no islander untouched by the chaos it unleashes.


Movie Night in the Love Island Villa continued to unravel shocking revelations and spark intense reactions among the Islanders. The night takes a turn as Leah finally gets the opportunity to witness Montel’s actions during his time in Casa Amor, which raises questions about their connection and trust.

Leah’s anticipation and curiosity build as the film captures moments that could potentially jeopardize their relationship. The revelations on the big screen force Leah to confront the truth about Montel’s behavior, leaving her with mixed emotions and a need for clarification.

Meanwhile, tensions escalate as Jess reacts strongly to Sammy’s comments shown during Movie Night. The film exposes remarks made by Sammy that deeply affect Jess, stirring feelings of hurt and betrayal. Sammy’s words ignite a fiery confrontation between the two, further complicating their already complicated relationship.

As Movie Night unfolds, it becomes evident that these films won’t be receiving five-star reviews. The revelations on the big screen have far-reaching consequences, testing the strength of relationships and forcing the Islanders to reevaluate their connections.

Montel’s determination to repair his relationship with Leah reaches new heights as he devises a grand romantic gesture to win her back. Inspired by the love story of Romeo and Juliet, Montel enlists the support of his fellow Islanders, Sammy and Zachariah, to execute his plan.

With the Villa gathered under the terrace, Montel takes center stage and delivers a heartfelt speech that leaves both Leah and the other Islanders moved to tears. His words express his deep love and commitment to Leah, highlighting the strength of their connection and his desire to make amends.

As Montel pours his heart out, Leah is overcome with emotion, touched by his grand gesture and the sincerity behind his words. The gesture signifies Montel’s dedication to their relationship and his willingness to go above and beyond to regain Leah’s trust and affection.

Montel’s grand gesture serves as a turning point in his relationship with Leah, offering them an opportunity to rebuild and move forward together. It not only reassures Leah of his commitment but also demonstrates Montel’s growth and willingness to address his past mistakes.

Love Island Series 10, Episode 36 promises a gripping and dramatic continuation of the Villa’s journey. With confrontations and confrontations, the relationships and alliances within the Villa are put to the ultimate test. The future of friendships and romances hangs in the balance as the Islanders navigate the treacherous waters of love and loyalty.

Tune in tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX to witness the explosive confrontations, unraveling love triangles, and the emotional rollercoaster that will shape the course of Love Island.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Love Island will be broadcast on July 10 2023 on ITV2 at 9:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Love Island is all new!

Love Island Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Maya Jama (Host)
Iain Stirling (Narrator)

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Love Island Series Information

Lovestruck singletons will be guided through the ups and downs of coupling up in a jaw-dropping Villa by brand-new host Maya Jama in the first of this year's two South African series.

Viewers will once again be glued to screens as more singletons desire, date, and dump potential suitors from the Island, voiced by renowned comedian and narrator Iain Stirling.

One couple will ultimately triumph and be dubbed the Love Island winners after the couples compete to win over the nation and steal hearts.

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