Love Island Season 10 Episode 38: Catherine, Elom Dumped 12 July 2023

Tonight (Wednesday 12 July 2023), ITV2 broadcasts an episode of the series Love Island!

Season 10 Episode 38 Episode Summary

Tonight featured the fallout from the recoupling where last time, the boys made their decision:

  • Zachariah Noble kicked off the recoupling by choosing to recouple with Molly Marsh.
  • Elom Ahlijah-Wilson followed suit, opting to recouple with Catherine Agbaje.
  • Tyrique Hyde, who was previously single, made the choice to couple up with Ella Thomas, sparking intrigue and potential drama.
  • Lochan Nowacki decided to recouple with Whitney Adebayo, while Ouzy See selected Kady McDermott as his new partner.
  • Sammy Root chose to couple up with Jess Harding, and Mitchel Taylor made the decision to recouple with Abi Moores.
  • Montel McKenzie surprised everyone by choosing to recouple with Leah Taylor, and Scott van-der-Sluis completed the recoupling by coupling up with Amber Wise.

Kady’s Awkward Toast

After the recent recoupling, the Islanders gather in the garden for an evening toast. Kady takes the opportunity to raise her glass and make a toast, acknowledging the eventful day they’ve had and expressing her wishes for a good night. However, her toast takes an unexpected turn when she congratulates Zach and Molly for being officially closed off. This revelation catches Zach off guard, and he sarcastically responds, creating an awkward atmosphere among the group. The news seems to have caught Mitch by surprise as well, indicating that he was unaware of this development. The evening starts off on an uncomfortable note, leaving the Islanders wondering how the rest of the night will unfold. What was meant to be a moment of celebration quickly becomes a sour moment as Kady’s words fail to resonate with the other Islanders. The awkwardness and discomfort linger in the air, adding to the growing tensions among the group.

Scott and Mitch Compete for Abi’s Attention

Meanwhile, Mitchel addresses his concerns with Abi regarding her conversations with Scott. Scott continues his pursuit of Abi as they have a conversation and flirt on the day beds later in the evening.  Scott assures Abi that she isn’t doing anything wrong if she chooses to explore their connection, emphasizing that Mitch is aware of the situation. He expresses his interest in Abi and states that she is the only person he sees a possibility with at the moment. The confrontation puts Abi on the spot, forcing her to confront the implications of her interactions with Scott and their potential impact on her relationship with Mitchel.

On the other hand, Mitch approaches Abi to discuss his feelings and the lack of time they’ve had to talk. He expresses his desire for respect and communication, highlighting that he feels Abi didn’t give him the attention he expected. Abi defends herself, stating that she had a good chat with Scott and she won’t lie about it.

As Scott and Abi continue to explore their connection, Mitch is left questioning where he stands and which boy Abi is truly interested in. The love triangle between Scott, Mitch, and Abi intensifies, adding another layer of tension and uncertainty to their relationships.

A Shock Text Leaves the Islanders Speechless

In a dramatic twist, the Islanders are hit with the news that the next couple to leave the Island has been decided by a public vote. The tension in the Villa rises as they anxiously await the announcement. Nervous glances are exchanged, and the air is thick with anticipation.

Their votes have resulted in Catherine and Elom being voted out of the island. The news hits the couple hard, as they realize their time in the Villa has come to an abrupt end.

Catherine and Elom, who had formed a connection during their time on the show, now face the reality of leaving behind the friends they have made and the potential for further romance. The emotional impact is palpable as they say their goodbyes and pack their bags, preparing to leave the Island behind.

The other Islanders are also taken aback by the outcome of the public vote. The shock and sadness are evident on their faces as they process the departure of Catherine and Elom. Hugs and words of support are exchanged, showcasing the bond they have formed despite the competitive nature of the show.

As the results are revealed, shockwaves reverberate through the Villa. The chosen couple is called forward and instructed to pack their bags immediately. Emotions run high as the reality of leaving the Island sinks in. Tears stream down some faces, while others offer heartfelt hugs and words of support. The bond they have formed during their time together is evident as they bid farewell to their fellow Islanders.

The shocking dumping leaves the remaining contestants in a state of disbelief. The atmosphere in the Villa is heavy with a mix of sadness, surprise, and uncertainty. The unexpected turn of events serves as a reminder that in Love Island, nothing is certain, and the journey can take unexpected twists at any moment.

But the surprises aren’t over yet. As the Islanders process the departure of the chosen couple, another bombshell drops. There will be an additional dumping, adding another layer of tension and suspense to the evening. The news leaves the Villa on edge, with everyone wondering who will be the next to leave and how it will impact the dynamics within the group.

However, the episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers in suspense as the next couple to leave the villa was not revealed.

Meanwhile, the episode teased the arrival of two new bombshells, Josh and Ella. They are set to enter the villa and turn heads with their vibrant personalities and attractive qualities. Josh expressed his interest in Jess and Kady, while Ella mentioned her connection with Tyrique. With their arrival, the dynamics among the Islanders are bound to shift, bringing more drama and excitement to the villa.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Love Island will be broadcast on July 12 2023 on ITV2 at 9:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Love Island is all new!

Love Island Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Maya Jama (Host)
Iain Stirling (Narrator)

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Love Island Series Information

Lovestruck singletons will be guided through the ups and downs of coupling up in a jaw-dropping Villa by brand-new host Maya Jama in the first of this year's two South African series.

Viewers will once again be glued to screens as more singletons desire, date, and dump potential suitors from the Island, voiced by renowned comedian and narrator Iain Stirling.

One couple will ultimately triumph and be dubbed the Love Island winners after the couples compete to win over the nation and steal hearts.

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