Help! My House Is Haunted “Pendeford Portal” S4E8 July 13 2023 on Travel

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Tonight (Thursday July 13 2023), Travel broadcasts an episode of the series Help! My House Is Haunted!

Pendeford Portal Season 4 Episode 8 Episode Summary

This gripping installment follows retired couple Chris and Fran, who have endured years of unexplained activity in their three-bedroom semi in Wolverhampton, England.

Tales of unsettling experiences and ghostly encounters have plagued Chris and Fran’s home, turning their once peaceful abode into a house of horrors. Determined to find answers and bring relief to the distressed homeowners, the team embarks on a chilling investigation.

As the team delves deeper into the paranormal phenomena, they make a shocking discovery—a portal has been opened within the property. This supernatural gateway has inadvertently become a haven for frustrated and angry spirits, trapped within the confines of the house. With no means of escape, these restless entities contribute to the unsettling atmosphere that has plagued Chris and Fran’s lives.

What Time is the “Pendeford Portal” Episode On?

The Pendeford Portal episode of Help! My House Is Haunted will be broadcast on July 13 2023 on Travel at 10:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Pendeford Portal” Episode New?

The Pendeford Portal episode of Help! My House Is Haunted is all new!

Help! My House Is Haunted Pendeford Portal Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Barri Ghai
Jayne Harris
Chris Fleming
Ian Lawman
Sandy Lakdar
Ian Shaw

Pendeford Portal Episode Videos & Previews

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Help! My House Is Haunted Series Information

Created by the frontman of "Ghost Adventures," Zak Bagans' "Help! My House is Haunted," brings together an international team of paranormal investigators to help out families who believe their houses are haunted. The families each present evidence of ghostly activity in their homes to investigators Chris Flemining, Barri Ghai and Sandy Lakdar. Drawing on their intuition, experience, and aided by specialist monitoring equipment, the investigators then examine the homes, hoping to find answers for the families.

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