Earth “Inferno” S1E1 17 July 2023 on BBC Two


Tonight (Monday 17 July 2023), BBC Two broadcasts an episode of the series Earth!

Inferno Season 1 Episode 1 Episode Summary

Hosted by the renowned naturalist Chris Packham, BBC Two takes viewers on a journey through time to explore one of the most harrowing periods in Earth’s history. Titled “Inferno,” this episode delves into the depths of the worst mass extinction ever witnessed, a cataclysmic event that pushed life to the edge of oblivion.

Chris Packham leads viewers on an extraordinary exploration of this dark chapter in Earth’s timeline. He sheds light on the devastating consequences of the mass extinction, a phenomenon that unleashed chaos and obliterated countless species on an unprecedented scale. Through captivating storytelling and remarkable visuals, viewers are transported back in time to witness the havoc and destruction that unfolded.

But amidst the turmoil and devastation, there is a glimmer of hope. Despite the unimaginable challenges faced during this period, life managed to endure and bounce back. Chris Packham unravels the remarkable resilience of Earth’s ecosystems, revealing how life found a way to recover and thrive once again.

What Time is the “Inferno” Episode On?

The Inferno episode of Earth will be broadcast on July 17 2023 on BBC Two at 9:00 PM.

Is the “Inferno” Episode New?

The Inferno episode of Earth is all new!

Earth Inferno Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Chris Packham

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Earth Series Information

The epic, four-billion-year story of the place humanity calls home.

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