Skin A&E S5E3 17 July 2023 on 5*

Tonight (Monday 17 July 2023), 5* broadcasts an episode of the series Skin A&E!

Season 5 Episode 3 Episode Summary

In the episode titled ‘Skin A&E,’ viewers will witness the extraordinary cases handled by the skilled team of doctors at the clinic. Dr. Toby and Dr. Natalia Spierings, experts in their respective fields, are confronted with intriguing and challenging situations that push the boundaries of dermatology.

One case that captures the attention of Dr. Toby is Gideon, a fascinating patient with unique characteristics. Gideon happens to be a part-time witch, and his condition has left Dr. Toby spellbound. As he delves into Gideon’s medical history, Dr. Toby strives to understand and provide the best possible care for this extraordinary individual.

Meanwhile, Dr. Natalia Spierings encounters a young woman with a rare scalp condition typically found in middle-aged men. Determined to help her, Dr. Spierings dives into the medical intricacies of this condition and explores treatment options to alleviate her discomfort.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Skin A&E will be broadcast on July 17 2023 on 5* at 9:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Skin A&E is all new!

Skin A&E Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Dr. Natalia Spierings
Dr. Emma McMullen
Dr. Adil Sheraz
Dr. Dev Shah
Adil Sheraz
Russell Bell
Lisa Riley

Episode Videos & Previews

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Skin A&E Series Information

London-based dermatologists provide an inside look at the dermatology clinic where they help patients with extreme skin conditions.

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