Sky Coppers S1E2 18 July 2023 on Channel 4

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Sky Coppers - PC Dipesh “Dips” Patel, PC Dean Wainwright, PS Keith Bennett, PC Paul Davis, PC Laura Cooper, PC Chris Turton.

Tonight (Tuesday 18 July 2023), Channel 4 broadcasts an episode of the series Sky Coppers!

Season 1 Episode 2 Episode Summary

In this episode, they lead the relentless pursuit of a man who assaulted an officer, showcasing their determination and unwavering commitment to upholding the law.

As darkness falls, the officers face a thrilling challenge as they track down a motorbike thief hiding in a dense woodland. With the help of their trusty drone, they employ innovative tactics to flush out the elusive suspect, raising the stakes and adding an extra layer of suspense to the episode.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Sky Coppers will be broadcast on July 18 2023 on Channel 4 at 9:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Sky Coppers is all new!

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Sky Coppers Series Information

A police investigation series following the increasingly important work of the West Midlands Police Drone Unit. Drone tech is a specialist ultra-modern tool that has the capacity to help officers as they conduct investigatations and attempt to track criminals. The Unit pursues suspected wrongdoers as they try to hide up in the trees, discard drugs, or run away from the scene of a crime. The Sky Coppers make it a point to watch from above because, as they know from experience, criminals always forget to look up.

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