Ghost Adventures “King Gillette Ranch” S28E11 July 19 2023 on Discovery

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Tonight (Wednesday July 19 2023), Discovery broadcasts an episode of the series Ghost Adventures!

King Gillette Ranch Season 28 Episode 11 Episode Summary

The “Ghost Adventures” crew embarks on their most intense investigation to date in the upcoming episode, “King Gillette Ranch.” A sprawling compound built on sacred land, this historic location holds a dark past that has given rise to malevolent spirits and chilling paranormal encounters.

Join Zak Bagans and his team as they venture into the heart of King Gillette Ranch, braving its haunted halls and exploring its hidden secrets. The ranch’s deep connection to sacred land has set the stage for a series of violent spirit activities that leave the living drained of their energy. The paranormal energy at play here is palpable, making it one of the heaviest investigations the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) has ever faced.

What Time is the “King Gillette Ranch” Episode On?

The King Gillette Ranch episode of Ghost Adventures will be broadcast on July 19 2023 on Discovery at 10:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “King Gillette Ranch” Episode New?

The King Gillette Ranch episode of Ghost Adventures is all new!

Ghost Adventures King Gillette Ranch Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Zak Bagans
Aaron Goodwin
Jay Wasley
Billy Tolley
Nick Groff
Dakota Laden

King Gillette Ranch Episode Videos & Previews

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Ghost Adventures Series Information

The crew spends a night in Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum, which contains hundreds of haunted objects, including Peggy the Doll and the Dybbuk Box; Zak attempts to open the Dybbuk Box, believed to be haunted by a malicious spirit; Josh Gates hosts.

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