Human Footprint “Man’s Best Friend” S1E3 July 19 2023 on PBS

Tonight (Wednesday July 19 2023), PBS broadcasts an episode of the series Human Footprint!

Man’s Best Friend Season 1 Episode 3 Episode Summary

This installment, airing on PBS, delves into how dogs have undergone an incredible evolutionary journey to become the perfect companions for humans.

Join the hosts as they delve into the depths of canine history, unveiling the fascinating ways in which dogs have been reshaped by evolution to forge an unbreakable bond with their human counterparts. From ancient times to the present day, witness the incredible story of how dogs have transitioned from their wild roots to become our trusted and beloved partners.

What Time is the “Man’s Best Friend” Episode On?

The Man’s Best Friend episode of Human Footprint will be broadcast on July 19 2023 on PBS at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Man’s Best Friend” Episode New?

The Man’s Best Friend episode of Human Footprint is all new!

Human Footprint Man’s Best Friend Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Shane Campbell-Staton

Man’s Best Friend Episode Videos & Previews

Watch Human Footprint Man’s Best Friend Online

Human Footprint Series Information

Earth has never experienced anything like us: a single species dominating and transforming the planet. Biologist Shane Campbell-Staton travels the globe to explore our Human Footprint and to discover how the things we do reveal who we truly are.

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