60 Days In “New Clown, Same Circus” S8E5 July 20 2023 on A&E

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Tonight (Thursday July 20 2023), A&E broadcasts an episode of the series 60 Days In!

New Clown, Same Circus Season 8 Episode 5 Episode Summary

In this installment, civilian volunteers step into the shoes of inmates as they go undercover in county jails. Their mission is to assist law enforcement in obtaining evidence of questionable or illegal activities taking place within the facilities.

This episode showcases the bravery and dedication of the civilian volunteers as they immerse themselves in the inmate experience. Witness their determination as they navigate the complex social dynamics, uncover hidden truths, and expose the realities of life behind bars.

What Time is the “New Clown, Same Circus” Episode On?

The New Clown, Same Circus episode of 60 Days In will be broadcast on July 20 2023 on A&E at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “New Clown, Same Circus” Episode New?

The New Clown, Same Circus episode of 60 Days In is all new!

60 Days In New Clown, Same Circus Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Jamey Noel
Barbra Roylance Williams
Tami Ferraiuolo
Mark Adger
Tami Ferguson
Kyle Ryan
Ryan Secord
Yasmin Brown
Mark Lamb
Ashleigh Marie Baker
Scottie Maples

New Clown, Same Circus Episode Videos & Previews

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60 Days In Series Information

Attempting to eliminate rival gangs, drugs and corruption at their facilities, chief jailers are enlisting members of the public to help. Building on the tremendous success of previous undercover operations in Clark County, Indiana, and Atlanta, `60 Days In' continues in Pinal County, Arizona, as law-abiding citizens live among the facility's general population for 60 days to help expose the root of the jail's many problems. Filmed around the clock, A&E Network's hour-long docuseries provides a warts-and-all view of life behind bars, as the volunteers adapt to unfamiliar and terrifying surroundings.

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