Close Calls: On Camera S11E19 20 July 2023 on BBC One

Tonight (Thursday 20 July 2023), BBC One broadcasts an episode of the series Close Calls: On Camera!

Season 11 Episode 19 Episode Summary

In this episode of the thrilling series “Close Calls: On Camera,” viewers are in for heart-stopping moments and acts of bravery as brave rescuers face danger head-on. A burning high-rise building becomes the backdrop for an intense evacuation operation, where lives hang in the balance. The skilled rescuers risk their own safety to ensure the safe escape of trapped residents.

But the adrenaline-pumping action doesn’t end there. In another gripping segment, a woman finds herself in a race against time when her best friend unexpectedly goes into cardiac arrest. With no time to spare, she jumps into action, providing life-saving aid and demonstrating incredible courage in the face of a life-threatening situation.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Close Calls: On Camera will be broadcast on July 20 2023 on BBC One at 10:15 AM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Close Calls: On Camera is all new!

Close Calls: On Camera Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Nick Knowles
Alex Jones

Episode Videos & Previews

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Close Calls: On Camera Series Information

A look at the split-second moments when everyday events are transformed into disasters and the people who lived to tell the tale.

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