Santiago of the Seas “Bonnie’s Bones” S2 July 20 2023 on Nick Jr

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Tonight (Thursday July 20 2023), Nick Jr broadcasts an episode of the series Santiago of the Seas!

Bonnie’s Bones Season 2 Episode Summary

In this adventure, Bonnie faces a high-stakes challenge as her birthday approaches. Determined to make her special day unforgettable, Bonnie sets her sights on stealing something truly remarkable. Luckily, she manages to nab Capitán Calavera’s precious journal, which holds the key to an extraordinary treasure.

Join Santiago and his loyal crew as they embark on an action-packed quest to unravel the secrets of Capitán Calavera’s journal. Together, they’ll follow the clues and face thrilling obstacles in their pursuit of the amazing treasure. Will Bonnie’s determination and resourcefulness lead them to their ultimate goal?

In “Bonnie’s Bones,” the pressure is on as Bonnie strives to make her birthday a truly epic celebration. With the stolen journal in her possession, she leads Santiago and the crew on a thrilling adventure filled with excitement and discovery. Prepare to be captivated as they navigate challenges, solve puzzles, and uncover the hidden secrets of the treasure.

What Time is the “Bonnie’s Bones” Episode On?

The Bonnie’s Bones episode of Santiago of the Seas will be broadcast on July 20 2023 on Nick Jr at 7:30 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Bonnie’s Bones” Episode New?

The Bonnie’s Bones episode of Santiago of the Seas is all new!

Santiago of the Seas Bonnie’s Bones Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Kevin Chacon as Santiago "Santi" Montez
Alyssa Cheatham as Lorelai
Justice Quiroz as Tomás
Dave Droxler as Kiko

Bonnie’s Bones Episode Videos & Previews

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Santiago of the Seas Series Information

Capitan Santiago, frog Kiko, cousin Tomas and mermaid Lorelai lead a magic pirate ship on heroic sea quests, having to outsmart and out-pirate villains and enemies along the way.

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