Get Set Galactic “Fingerprints” S1E21 22 July 2023 on CBeebies

Tonight (Saturday 22 July 2023), CBeebies broadcasts an episode of the series Get Set Galactic!

Fingerprints Season 1 Episode 21 Episode Summary

In this episode, two teams will compete in three thrilling scientific challenges, putting their knowledge and skills to the test.

In the first challenge, the teams will showcase their sensory abilities as they try to identify various objects using just one of their five senses. With keen observation and sharp senses, the teams must rely on their instincts to determine the objects placed before them.

Next, a game centered around personal hygiene awaits the teams. This challenge will test their knowledge of maintaining cleanliness and proper hygiene practices. The teams will navigate through various scenarios and demonstrate their understanding of the importance of personal hygiene.

The excitement continues as the teams face the final challenge: a race against the clock to sort items on a giant conveyor belt. With quick thinking and efficient teamwork, the teams must swiftly categorize the items before time runs out.

What Time is the “Fingerprints” Episode On?

The Fingerprints episode of Get Set Galactic will be broadcast on July 22 2023 on CBeebies at 10:35 AM.

Is the “Fingerprints” Episode New?

The Fingerprints episode of Get Set Galactic is all new!

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Get Set Galactic Series Information

Science-themed game show set on board the STARS space station. Two teams of young scientists take on a meteoric mission of fun challenges to win out-of-this world prizes.

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