Get Set Galactic “Defying Gravity” S1E23 29 July 2023 on CBeebies

Tonight (Saturday 29 July 2023), CBeebies broadcasts an episode of the series Get Set Galactic!

Defying Gravity Season 1 Episode 23 Episode Summary

In “Defying Gravity,” two enthusiastic teams will take on three thrilling scientific challenges that promise to ignite curiosity and spark the imagination.

The excitement begins as the teams face their first challenge – a water tank experiment where they must predict whether various objects will float or sink. The young scientists will put their knowledge of buoyancy to the test, making educated guesses based on the properties of the objects.

Next up is a captivating game centered around sound and pitch, where the teams will showcase their understanding of how sound waves travel and how different pitches are produced. It’s an opportunity for these budding astronomers to demonstrate their auditory acumen.

The climax of the episode comes with the final challenge, where the teams must decode James’ clues to identify the mysterious season he is describing. It’s a test of observation and deduction, as the young explorers use their reasoning skills to unveil the season hidden within the clues.

What Time is the “Defying Gravity” Episode On?

The Defying Gravity episode of Get Set Galactic will be broadcast on July 29 2023 on CBeebies at 10:35 AM.

Is the “Defying Gravity” Episode New?

The Defying Gravity episode of Get Set Galactic is all new!

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Get Set Galactic Series Information

Science-themed game show set on board the STARS space station. Two teams of young scientists take on a meteoric mission of fun challenges to win out-of-this world prizes.

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