Dark Marvels “Pain and Punishment” S1E4 July 31 2023 on History

Tonight (Monday July 31 2023), History broadcasts an episode of the series Dark Marvels!

Pain and Punishment Season 1 Episode 4 Episode Summary

History channel presents an upcoming episode of “Dark Marvels” titled “Pain and Punishment,” offering viewers a spine-chilling journey into the dark and twisted world of history’s most diabolical torture devices.

In this episode, “Dark Marvels” delves into the origins and usage of some of history’s most horrifying and brutal implements of torture. From the infamous “Iron Maiden” to the dreaded “Pear of Anguish,” the show unveils the sinister ingenuity behind these devices that were used to inflict unimaginable suffering on victims throughout history.

What Time is the “Pain and Punishment” Episode On?

The Pain and Punishment episode of Dark Marvels will be broadcast on July 31 2023 on History at 10:03 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Pain and Punishment” Episode New?

The Pain and Punishment episode of Dark Marvels is all new!

Dark Marvels Pain and Punishment Cast & Stars

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Dark Marvels Series Information

Interviews, recreations, archival footage and 3D graphics are used to explore the history and engineering behind the world's most diabolical inventions, from torture and death devices, to weapons of war, sinister spy tools, and games that kill.

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