Only Connect “Antiphons v Drop of Red” S19E3 31 July 2023 on BBC Two

Tonight (Monday 31 July 2023), BBC Two broadcasts an episode of the series Only Connect!

Antiphons v Drop of Red Season 19 Episode 3 Episode Summary

In this contest, three choral music enthusiasts, known as Antiphons, will go head-to-head against a team of red wine connoisseurs, aptly named Drop of Red. Their mission? To decipher the connections between seemingly unrelated clues and prove their prowess in this ultimate battle of wits.

Hosted by the brilliant Victoria Coren Mitchell, “Only Connect” challenges the contestants to establish connections between diverse and enigmatic clues. Each round presents a new set of puzzles, and the teams must think critically and creatively to find the hidden threads that link the seemingly random information.

In this particular episode, Antiphons and Drop of Red will face a series of intriguing clues, including Beautiful Horizon, Joyful Port, Saint Paul, and River of January. Can they identify the common link that ties these seemingly disparate elements together? The pressure is on as they aim to outwit each other with their sharp analytical skills and knowledge.

What Time is the “Antiphons v Drop of Red” Episode On?

The Antiphons v Drop of Red episode of Only Connect will be broadcast on July 31 2023 on BBC Two at 8:00 PM.

Is the “Antiphons v Drop of Red” Episode New?

The Antiphons v Drop of Red episode of Only Connect is all new!

Only Connect Antiphons v Drop of Red Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Victoria Coren Mitchell

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Only Connect Series Information

Victoria Coren Mitchell challenges teams to make connections between apparently unconnected things, where patience and lateral thinking are as vital as knowledge.

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