Run the Burbs “Blockbuster” S1E1 July 31 2023 on CW

Tonight (Monday July 31 2023), CW broadcasts an episode of the series Run the Burbs!

Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 1 Episode Summary

In this episode, Camille takes charge and sets her sights on securing the essential permit for the highly anticipated block party. With the desire to bring the neighborhood together, she leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of making this event a resounding success.

Meanwhile, Andrew embarks on a mission of his own – to find a surprise musical guest who will add a touch of magic to the festivities. But there’s a catch – the guest proves to be elusive, making Andrew’s task all the more thrilling and challenging.

As the preparations for the block party gather momentum, friendships and connections within the community grow stronger. Each character brings their unique charm, adding layers of intrigue and excitement to the storyline.

Elsewhere, at the popular Bubble Bae establishment, Khia, one of the main characters, experiences a surprising twist in her emotions as she discovers new feelings for Mannix. The sparks fly as they navigate the ups and downs of their evolving relationship.

What Time is the “Blockbuster” Episode On?

The Blockbuster episode of Run the Burbs will be broadcast on July 31 2023 on CW at 8:30 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Blockbuster” Episode New?

The Blockbuster episode of Run the Burbs is all new!

Run the Burbs Blockbuster Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Andrew Phung as Andrew Pham
Rakhee Morzaria as Andrew's wife Camille
Zoriah Wong as Khia Pham
Roman Pesino as Leo Pham
Ali Hassan as Camille's father Ramesh
Julie Nolke as Camille's best friend Sam
Jonathan Langdon as Hudson
Simone Miller as Hudson's daughter Mannix
Samantha Wan as Cathy
Candy Palmater as Candy
Chris Locke as Sebastian
Aurora Browne as Barb

Blockbuster Episode Videos & Previews

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Run the Burbs Series Information

The Phams, a young, bold Vietnamese South Asian family, take a different approach to living life to the fullest while changing the way one thinks about contemporary family values and life in the burbs. Often the instigators of community events and always the first to know what's going on in the neighborhood, the Phams have become the heart of their cul-de-sac. Through all the challenges and stresses of everyday suburban life, the Phams take on the world as a cohesive unit. The family members include stay-at-home dad Andrew Pham; Andrew's free-spirited entrepreneur wife, Camille; teenage daughter Khia; and clever young son Leo.

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