First Wives Club “Dancing in the Streets” S3E10 August 2 2023 on BET

Tonight (Wednesday August 2 2023), BET broadcasts an episode of the series First Wives Club!

Dancing in the Streets Season 3 Episode 10 Episode Summary

Hazel and Regina, after a period of ups and downs, find a way to mend their friendship and rekindle their partnership. Their determination and hard work are rewarded as they solidify their bond with a prestigious Grammy, marking a significant milestone in their careers and personal growth.

Meanwhile, Bree and Gary’s quest for answers and healing leads them to each other’s arms. Finding solace and understanding, they decide to hit the open road in an RV, embarking on an adventure that promises to bring them closer together and redefine their lives.

In the midst of newfound love and opportunities, David and Meagan take their first steps towards building a new life together.

What Time is the “Dancing in the Streets” Episode On?

The Dancing in the Streets episode of First Wives Club will be broadcast on August 2 2023 on BET at 10:30 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Dancing in the Streets” Episode New?

The Dancing in the Streets episode of First Wives Club is all new!

First Wives Club Dancing in the Streets Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Michelle Buteau as Dr. Bree Washington
Jill Scott as Hazel Rachelle
Ryan Michelle Bathe as Ariel "Ari" Montgomery (née Carmichael)
Mark Tallman as David Montgomery
RonReaco Lee as Gary Washington
Malik Yoba as Derrick Ellsworth
Tara Pacheco as Versace
Bill Barrett as Jacob Rosen
Jordan Carlos as Curtis
Deborah Cox as Regina
Bailey Tippen as Megan
Gary Dourdan as Dr. Malcolm Reynard
Michelle Mitchenor as Jayla Wright
Mikhail Keize as Nigel
Jaxon Rose Moore as Imani Washington
Auston Jon Moore as Ollie Washington
Chase Dillon as Ollie Washington
Naledi Murray as Imani Washington
Tobias Truvillion as Khalil
Raymond Greene-Joyner as Big

Dancing in the Streets Episode Videos & Previews

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First Wives Club Series Information

Inspired by the original 1996 movie, "First Wives Club" follows the friendship bond between four professional women who have tumultuous love lives and lean on each other for support and strength. After neglecting their friendship, best friends Ari, Hazel and Bree reunite to navigate Hazel's public divorce, Ari's unsatisfying marriage, and Bree's cheating husband. Together, the women learn as long as they have each other, they're unstoppable, so they band together after their marriages end and discover strength in their sisterhood while getting a little revenge, too.

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