Botched “Wheel of Misfortune” S8E1 August 3 2023 on E!

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Tonight (Thursday August 3 2023), E! broadcasts an episode of the series Botched!

Wheel of Misfortune Season 8 Episode 1 Episode Summary

In this installment, the renowned doctors, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif, step in to transform lives and restore confidence.

First on the list is a brave widow who endured not one, not two, but three near-death experiences while healing from a tummy tuck. She seeks the expertise of Dr. Dubrow to help her bid farewell to what she calls “Vagina Island.” Watch as the skilled surgeon takes on this intricate case and works his magic to bring the woman the relief and results she deserves.

Next up is a woman who has faced relentless bullying due to her self-consciousness about her “pig nose.” With hope in her heart, she turns to the talented Dr. Nassif in the quest to reshape her nose and find her confidence once again. Witness the emotional journey as Dr. Nassif addresses her concerns and aims to give her the desired transformation.

What Time is the “Wheel of Misfortune” Episode On?

The Wheel of Misfortune episode of Botched will be broadcast on August 3 2023 on E! at 10:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Wheel of Misfortune” Episode New?

The Wheel of Misfortune episode of Botched is all new!

Botched Wheel of Misfortune Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Terry Dubrow
Paul Nassif
Martina Big

Wheel of Misfortune Episode Videos & Previews

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Botched Series Information

When someone has cosmetic surgery, it doesn't always turn out as planned. So what happens when a procedure is botched? If they're on this reality programme, they head to renowned plastic surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, who try to reverse damages from the original procedure. Each hourlong episode follows a patient through the process of correcting failed operations, from the complex procedures to the intensive recovery process and - ultimately - the reveal of the successful transformation.

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