Family Law “Fifty Shades of Judginess” S2E5 August 4 2023 on CW

Tonight (Friday August 4 2023), CW broadcasts an episode of the series Family Law!

Fifty Shades of Judginess Season 2 Episode 5 Episode Summary

In this episode, the talented legal team at the firm finds themselves representing Phaedra, a recent widow, in an intense estate dispute. As tensions rise and emotions run high, the episode delves into the tangled web of family dynamics and personal history.

Phaedra’s late husband’s daughter becomes a central figure in the dispute, challenging Phaedra’s claim to her husband’s estate. Her contention? She believes Phaedra shouldn’t be entitled to any inheritance because she and her father had met while Phaedra was working as an escort, and her mother was still alive.

What Time is the “Fifty Shades of Judginess” Episode On?

The Fifty Shades of Judginess episode of Family Law will be broadcast on August 4 2023 on CW at 8:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Fifty Shades of Judginess” Episode New?

The Fifty Shades of Judginess episode of Family Law is all new!

Family Law Fifty Shades of Judginess Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Jewel Staite as Abigail (Abby) Bianchi
Victor Garber as Harry Svensson
Zach Smadu as Daniel Svensson
Genelle Williams as Lucy Svensson

Fifty Shades of Judginess Episode Videos & Previews

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Family Law Series Information

Family Law" centers around Abigail Bianchi, a high-paid personal injury lawyer who's good at blaming others -- particularly when it comes to her own problems. After Abby's husband kicks her out of the family home because of her drinking, she goes on a bender, shows up drunk in court. The law society's punishment is swift. She's suspended, fined, and can only practice law again if she finds a senior lawyer who is willing to take her on and mentor her for a one year probationary period. Only one man is willing to take that risk: Harry Svensson, who runs the top family law practice in the city. He also happens to be Abby's estranged father, who left Abby and her complicated mother for his secretary when Abby was seven. Thus begins the odd dynamic at Abigail's new workplace. Abby has to try to put her shambles of a life back on track, all while working under the thumb of the man she's spent a lifetime resenting.

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