Hoffman Family Gold “Hold My Gear” S2E7 August 4 2023 on Discovery

Tonight (Friday August 4 2023), Discovery broadcasts an episode of the series Hoffman Family Gold!

Hold My Gear Season 2 Episode 7 Episode Summary

In “Hold My Gear,” viewers will witness the Hoffman family’s determination, camaraderie, and ingenuity as they navigate through a series of obstacles to reach their ultimate goal.

As the episode unfolds, Todd’s Holy Roller faces a critical transmission issue that puts their gold mining operation at risk. However, with the help of Randy and Tater, the team devises a bush fix, showing their resourcefulness and teamwork to keep the operation running and the gold flowing.

Meanwhile, Hunter is on the hunt for richer paydirt, and he decides to take a bold swing with a new cut. The Hoffmans are no strangers to risk-taking, and Hunter’s decision promises to deliver suspense and excitement as they venture into uncharted territory.

Amidst the ups and downs of mining life, the Hoffmans remain resilient and focused on their goals. They push through challenges and setbacks, demonstrating their unwavering determination to achieve the season’s best weigh-in.

What Time is the “Hold My Gear” Episode On?

The Hold My Gear episode of Hoffman Family Gold will be broadcast on August 4 2023 on Discovery at 9:08 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Hold My Gear” Episode New?

The Hold My Gear episode of Hoffman Family Gold is all new!

Hoffman Family Gold Hold My Gear Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Todd Hoffman
Jack Hoffman
Hunter Hoffman
Randy Hubler
Andy Spinks
Jim Thurber
Jason Otteson
Dakota Spinks
Sparky Turner
Nick Young

Hold My Gear Episode Videos & Previews

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Hoffman Family Gold Series Information

Todd Hoffman of "Gold Rush" fame is returning to the wilds of Alaska more than four years after hanging up his gold pan to focus on his family. Todd is banking his future mining career on turning around a rundown mine 80 miles north of Nome, Alaska. With Alaska's unforgiving weather, rookie crews and beat-up equipment, the mine is struggling to keep operations going. Trying to save this mine is a big gamble for Todd, but if he is successful, he will secure the mining rights for the next decade and could build a family legacy. Todd's father, Jack, and his son, Hunter, will be making the long trek to Alaska with a veteran crew of gold miners, including Jim Thurber, foreman Andy Spinks and bush mechanic Randy Hubler.

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