Mystery Lane “Robin of the Animals” S1E19 11 August 2023 on Children’s ITV

Tonight (Friday 11 August 2023), Children’s ITV broadcasts an episode of the series Mystery Lane!

Robin of the Animals Season 1 Episode 19 Episode Summary

In this installment, the streets of Mystery Lane are abuzz with rumors of a famous outlaw known as Robin from the Hood. But there’s a surprising twist – Robin is not your typical human hero, but a clever and mysterious dog! This enigmatic canine has a noble mission – to steal unsold food from humans and distribute it to the street animals, all from the comfort of an air balloon.

Detective McFlare and his team find themselves intrigued by this Robin of the Animals and even tolerate his unconventional activities, as they can see the good he’s doing for the animal community. However, the dynamic changes when they receive a puzzling message from the canine crusader, threatening none other than the Queen herself!

As tensions rise and the mystery deepens, Detective McFlare and his team must embark on a thrilling quest to uncover the truth behind Robin’s actions. Join them as they follow the clues, navigate through unexpected twists, and encounter a cast of colorful characters in the pursuit of justice.

What Time is the “Robin of the Animals” Episode On?

The Robin of the Animals episode of Mystery Lane will be broadcast on August 11 2023 on Children’s ITV at 11:00 AM.

Is the “Robin of the Animals” Episode New?

The Robin of the Animals episode of Mystery Lane is all new!

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Mystery Lane Series Information

Strange things are going on in London. Clever - a young guinea pig with extraordinary analysis capacities - and her little brother Bro lead investigations, trying to resolve the most unusual cases, ones that baffle even Scotland Yard.

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