Bargain Hunt “Detling 1” S66: 14 August 2023 on BBC One

Tonight (Monday 14 August 2023), BBC One broadcasts an episode of the series Bargain Hunt!

Detling 1 Season 66: Episode Summary

In this installment, two teams of eager contestants, guided by expert advisors Irita Marriott and Nick Hall, are on a mission to find the most valuable and profitable items among the vast array of antiques and collectibles. Armed with their keen eyes for hidden gems and a passion for haggling, the teams scour the stalls, seeking items that hold the potential for a significant return on investment.

As the clock ticks, the pressure mounts, and the contestants must make strategic decisions to secure the best deals possible. With each purchase, they take one step closer to victory, but the challenge is far from over. The real test lies ahead as they head to the auction house, where their finds will be put to the ultimate test in the quest for profit.

But that’s not all—Roo Irvine has a surprise of her own in store. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the fair, she stumbles upon some ancient treasures that add an extra layer of intrigue to the episode. Viewers can expect to be transported back in time as they witness these remarkable artifacts and learn about their historical significance.

What Time is the “Detling 1” Episode On?

The Detling 1 episode of Bargain Hunt will be broadcast on August 14 2023 on BBC One at 12:15 PM.

Is the “Detling 1” Episode New?

The Detling 1 episode of Bargain Hunt is all new!

Bargain Hunt Detling 1 Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Charles Hanson
Eric Knowles
Paul Laidlaw
Charlie Ross
Anita Manning
Natasha Raskin Sharp
Christina Trevanion
Roo Irvine
Caroline Hawley

Detling 1 Episode Videos & Previews

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Bargain Hunt Series Information

Two teams take on the challenge to get the best bargains for antiques and attempt to sell them at an auction for higher prices.

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