Meet, Marry, Murder “Milking a Murder” S1E5 August 14 2023 on Lifetime

Tonight (Monday August 14 2023), Lifetime broadcasts an episode of the series Meet, Marry, Murder!

Milking a Murder Season 1 Episode 5 Episode Summary

In “Milking a Murder,” the story of Christine and Jason Harris will unfold, showcasing the seemingly perfect love story that turns into a chilling tale of deception and deadly intentions.

Christine and Jason Harris’s romance starts like a fairy tale – they fall head over heels in love, tie the knot, and build a family with two beautiful children. However, beneath the surface of their seemingly idyllic life, dark secrets lurk.

As Christine makes a shocking discovery, the once-perfect love story takes an ominous turn. A sinister plot comes to light, and the truth behind the carefully constructed facade starts to unravel.

But how did a mother’s frozen breast milk crack the case?

What Time is the “Milking a Murder” Episode On?

The Milking a Murder episode of Meet, Marry, Murder will be broadcast on August 14 2023 on Lifetime at 10:03 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Milking a Murder” Episode New?

The Milking a Murder episode of Meet, Marry, Murder is all new!

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Meet, Marry, Murder Series Information

Featuring true crime stories when a married person kills a partner. What a couple first felt about each other becomes central to the unforeseen real-life dramas which lie ahead.

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