Rewind the ’90s “Mass Appeal” S1E5 August 14 2023 on National Geographic

Tonight (Monday August 14 2023), National Geographic broadcasts an episode of the series Rewind the ’90s!

Mass Appeal Season 1 Episode 5 Episode Summary

In this episode, “Mass Appeal,” the show explores the phenomenon of crazes that took the 1990s by storm. From the Beanie Babies feeding frenzy that captured the hearts of collectors worldwide to the enchanting world of Harry Potter, which forever changed the literary landscape, the ’90s was undoubtedly the decade of the craze.

Music enthusiasts will revel in the memories of country artist Garth Brooks, who reigned supreme on the music charts during this electrifying period. His timeless hits and undeniable talent made him a beloved figure in the world of music, leaving an everlasting impact on fans.

Television in the ’90s was all about “Must-See TV,” and this episode will take a nostalgic look back at the iconic shows that ruled the airwaves, captivating audiences with unforgettable characters and captivating storylines.

What Time is the “Mass Appeal” Episode On?

The Mass Appeal episode of Rewind the ’90s will be broadcast on August 14 2023 on National Geographic at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Mass Appeal” Episode New?

The Mass Appeal episode of Rewind the ’90s is all new!

Rewind the ’90s Mass Appeal Cast & Stars

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Rewind the ’90s Series Information

Celebrities, eyewitnesses and pop culture pundits relive the most memorable moments of the decade that ushered in the new millennium while exploring the forces that shaped the decade and changed the world forever.

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