Silent Witness “Deathmaker: Part 2” S22E8 August 15 2023 on BBC America

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Tonight (Tuesday August 15 2023), BBC America broadcasts an episode of the series Silent Witness!

Deathmaker: Part 2 Season 22 Episode 8 Episode Summary

In the installment titled “Deathmaker: Part 2,” viewers will be taken on a riveting journey as the team intensifies their search for the elusive killer, unearthing startling connections to the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

In this episode, the suspense reaches new heights as the team races against time to uncover the truth behind the murders. With each piece of evidence they uncover, the mystery deepens, leading them to unexpected and haunting revelations.

What Time is the “Deathmaker: Part 2” Episode On?

The Deathmaker: Part 2 episode of Silent Witness will be broadcast on August 15 2023 on BBC America at 3:20 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “Deathmaker: Part 2” Episode New?

The Deathmaker: Part 2 episode of Silent Witness is all new!

Silent Witness Deathmaker: Part 2 Cast & Stars

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Deathmaker: Part 2 Episode Videos & Previews

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Silent Witness Series Information

The critically acclaimed, award-winning BBC crime drama series, which first aired in 1996, focuses on a team of London-based forensic pathologists and scientists and their investigations into various crimes. Emilia Fox stars as Dr Nikki Alexander, a skilled pathologist whose expertise in archaeology and forensic anthropology make her an invaluable asset. The team work together with police as they seek justice for the victims of violent crimes.

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