The Sound Collector “Wind Farm” S1E41 20 August 2023 on ITV BE

Tonight (Sunday 20 August 2023), ITV BE broadcasts an episode of the series The Sound Collector!

Wind Farm Season 1 Episode 41 Episode Summary

In this captivating episode, the Sound Collector embarks on a quest to discover a unique sound, one that has never graced his ears before.

As the episode unfolds, viewers will follow the Sound Collector as he ventures into nature, driven by the curiosity to capture a sound that is both intriguing and elusive. His keen ears lead him to a delightful discovery – the gentle rustle of a sycamore seed twirling gracefully in the breeze.

During his adventure, the Sound Collector encounters another collector – the Seed Collector. Together, they share a special connection with the world around them, as they gather and appreciate the treasures that nature provides.

What Time is the “Wind Farm” Episode On?

The Wind Farm episode of The Sound Collector will be broadcast on August 20 2023 on ITV BE at 10:20 AM.

Is the “Wind Farm” Episode New?

The Wind Farm episode of The Sound Collector is all new!

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