Meet, Marry, Murder “Dead Man Talking” S1E6 August 21 2023 on Lifetime

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Tonight (Monday August 21 2023), Lifetime broadcasts an episode of the series Meet, Marry, Murder!

Dead Man Talking Season 1 Episode 6 Episode Summary

“Dead Man Talking” delves into the mysterious and captivating narrative of Lulu and Ramon Sosa. Their journey begins innocently enough with a chance encounter at a salsa club that blossoms into a whirlwind romance. The couple takes the plunge into marriage, believing their union would withstand any challenge thrown their way.

However, the dream soon turns into a nightmare as financial troubles begin to plague their relationship. As the strain becomes overwhelming, the once-strong bond between Lulu and Ramon starts to crumble. And that’s when things take an unexpected turn.

The FBI is alerted to a chilling revelation: one of them has allegedly hired a hitman to carry out a sinister plan. As the authorities begin to unravel the truth behind this shocking plot, an ingenious strategy is devised to catch the perpetrator in the act.

What Time is the “Dead Man Talking” Episode On?

The Dead Man Talking episode of Meet, Marry, Murder will be broadcast on August 21 2023 on Lifetime at 10:03 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Dead Man Talking” Episode New?

The Dead Man Talking episode of Meet, Marry, Murder is all new!

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Meet, Marry, Murder Series Information

Featuring true crime stories when a married person kills a partner. What a couple first felt about each other becomes central to the unforeseen real-life dramas which lie ahead.

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