The Sound Collector “Meerkat Mayhem” S1E42 21 August 2023 on ITV BE

Tonight (Monday 21 August 2023), ITV BE broadcasts an episode of the series The Sound Collector!

Meerkat Mayhem Season 1 Episode 42 Episode Summary

The episode starts with a twist – The Sound Collector is up and about early in the morning, leaving Mole behind. But fear not, for Mole’s keen sense of smell comes to the rescue. Determined to find her friend, Mole embarks on an adventure of her own, using her unique ability to follow The Sound Collector’s trail.

As Mole journeys through the landscape, her sensitive nose guides her along the way. Along this adventure, Mole encounters a delightful surprise – a hedgehog! This unexpected meeting adds a touch of charm and warmth to the episode, showcasing the wonderful connections that can be formed in the natural world.

What Time is the “Meerkat Mayhem” Episode On?

The Meerkat Mayhem episode of The Sound Collector will be broadcast on August 21 2023 on ITV BE at 10:20 AM.

Is the “Meerkat Mayhem” Episode New?

The Meerkat Mayhem episode of The Sound Collector is all new!

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