Pawn Stars “Patriotic Pawn” S21 August 22 2023 on History

Tonight (Tuesday August 22 2023), History broadcasts an episode of the series Pawn Stars!

Patriotic Pawn Season 21 Episode Summary

In this episode, a potential clash of values unfolds when a seller walks into the shop with a check that holds immense historical significance. This check is none other than one signed by the individual responsible for the death of Alexander Hamilton. As the seller seeks to part ways with this piece of history, the “Pawn Stars” team must navigate the ethical and historical implications of owning an artifact linked to such a significant event.

But that’s not all – the episode also features an annual register dating back to 1776, a document that includes a copy of the Declaration of Independence. As this remarkable piece of history comes into the spotlight, the team must grapple with an important question: is this a genuine artifact or a cleverly crafted forgery? The potential implications are substantial, ranging from the discovery of a true treasure to the exposure of an elaborate hoax.

What Time is the “Patriotic Pawn” Episode On?

The Patriotic Pawn episode of Pawn Stars will be broadcast on August 22 2023 on History at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Patriotic Pawn” Episode New?

The Patriotic Pawn episode of Pawn Stars is all new!

Pawn Stars Patriotic Pawn Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Rick Harrison
Richard "Old Man" Harrison
Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison
Austin "Chumlee" Russell

Patriotic Pawn Episode Videos & Previews

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Pawn Stars Series Information

This series opens the doors to the only family-run pawnshop in Las Vegas, where three generations of the Harrison family use their sharp-eyed skills to assess what's real and what's fake. Objects the colourful customers bring in range from the obscure to the truly historic, and it's up to the guys at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop - with help at times from their network of experts - to reveal the sometimes surprising answer to `What's this worth?'.

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