60 Minutes CBS August 27 2023 Preview

60 Minutes CBS

This Sunday, August 27, 2023, “60 Minutes” presents a captivating lineup of segments. This Sunday’s edition promises a riveting lineup of stories that touch on crucial issues affecting society. From the exploitation of seniors by cyber con artists to the remarkable resurrection of Notre Dame Cathedral and the perils faced by sperm whales, the program is set to deliver thought-provoking insights.


Targeting Seniors

Sharyn Alfonsi delves into the distressing world of cyber con artists who prey on seniors, exploiting their trust and financial vulnerability. With the use of artificial intelligence, apps, and social engineering, these criminals siphon off a staggering $10 billion annually from parents and grandparents. Victims, law enforcement officials, and technology experts will shed light on the mechanisms of these scams and offer advice on safeguarding seniors from these widespread cons.

The Resurrection of Notre Dame

Bill Whitaker returns to Paris to capture the inspiring journey of the resurrection of the historic Cathedral of Notre Dame, which was nearly obliterated by a devastating fire four years ago. Climbing to the cathedral’s pinnacle, Whitaker gains insights from the chief architect about the meticulous efforts required to restore this medieval marvel. The cathedral, a potent emblem of France, stands as a testament to human determination and the preservation of heritage.

The Sperm Whales of Dominica

Delving beneath the waves off the coast of Dominica, Cecilia Vega explores the lives of the enigmatic sperm whales, giants of the sea threatened by factors like noise pollution, ship collisions, and plastic pollution. This segment seeks to understand the unique challenges these creatures face and the measures being taken to safeguard their existence. Through Vega’s underwater journey, viewers gain a glimpse into the fragile balance of marine ecosystems.

Tune in this Sunday to “60 MINUTES” for an engaging lineup of investigative journalism that addresses critical societal issues and offers fresh perspectives on the world around us.

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