The Cruise: Fun-Loving Brits at Sea “Marseille” S1E14 31 August 2023 on Channel 5

The Cruise Fun Loving Brits at Sea
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Tonight (Thursday 31 August 2023), Channel 5 broadcasts an episode of the series The Cruise: Fun-Loving Brits at Sea!


Marseille Season 1 Episode 14 Episode Summary

In this episode, the cruisers embark on a fascinating journey through Marseille, immersing themselves in the city’s rich heritage and local delights. The adventure begins with a leisurely walking tour, allowing the travelers to explore the charming streets and soak in the atmosphere of this picturesque destination.

Adding to the fun, the cruisers engage in a friendly game of Pétanque, a beloved French pastime. As they try their hand at this traditional game, viewers can expect moments of camaraderie and lighthearted competition among the group.

But the exploration doesn’t stop there – the episode takes an exciting turn as the cruisers learn the art of crafting delectable macarons, a quintessential French treat. The hands-on experience promises to be both educational and mouthwatering.

Additionally, the cruisers indulge their taste buds by sampling a variety of ales at a local brewery, immersing themselves in the flavors of Marseille and discovering its unique culinary offerings.

What Time is the “Marseille” Episode On?

The Marseille episode of The Cruise: Fun-Loving Brits at Sea will be broadcast on August 31 2023 on Channel 5 at 4:00 PM.

Is the “Marseille” Episode New?

The Marseille episode of The Cruise: Fun-Loving Brits at Sea is all new!

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The Cruise: Fun-Loving Brits at Sea Series Information

Following three groups of holidaymakers on a cruise around the Mediterranean's most glamorous spots. Features the highs and lows of life at sea as they take in the stunning locations, culture and commerce of everywhere they visit.

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