60 Minutes CBS September 3 2023: Hide and Seek, An American Down Under, Jeff Koons

This Sunday, September 3 2023, “60 Minutes” presents a captivating lineup of segments.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek” takes us to the scenic shores of Cyprus, an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean that has long served as a haven for wealthy Russians looking to stash their rubles offshore. However, the allure of this financial sanctuary is now being scrutinized by investigators from the U.S. and EU. Sharyn Alfonsi’s compelling report sheds light on the complex web of hidden overseas wealth belonging to sanctioned Russian oligarchs. With insights from Cyprus politicians and U.S. prosecutors, this segment promises to unravel the intricate international flow of funds that has raised eyebrows worldwide. Oriana Zill de Granados takes on the role of producer for this insightful investigation.

An American Down Under

In the second segment, correspondent Jon Wertheim introduces us to an unexpected rising star in the world of Australian rules football. Titled “An American Down Under,” this story focuses on Mason Cox, a Texan native standing nearly seven feet tall who has emerged as an unlikely sensation in the Australian football league. Despite his lack of familiarity with the sport, Cox’s journey from the Lone Star State to becoming a celebrated player for the Collingwood Magpies is both remarkable and inspiring. The producer of this remarkable story is Jacqueline Williams.

Jeff Koons

Lastly, Anderson Cooper brings us up close and personal with one of the art world’s most renowned and controversial figures in “Jeff Koons.” This profile showcases the artistic brilliance of Jeff Koons, who is known for crafting sculptures and paintings inspired by everyday objects and iconic characters. His creative process, often spanning decades and challenging the limits of technology and aesthetics, is explored as he invites Cooper into his world. Koons grants viewers an exclusive glimpse of his latest creations within the walls of a stone workshop in Pennsylvania and his New York studio. Beyond the realm of Earthly exhibitions, Koons even envisions an art display on the moon. Nichole Marks is the producer behind this captivating look at the boundary-pushing artist.

Tune in this Sunday to “60 MINUTES” for an engaging lineup of investigative journalism that addresses critical societal issues and offers fresh perspectives on the world around us.

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