Pointless Celebrities “Special” S16: 2 September 2023 on BBC One

Tonight (Saturday 2 September 2023), BBC One broadcasts an episode of the series Pointless Celebrities!

Special Season 16: Episode Summary

In this “Pointless Celebrities” episode, viewers can expect a dynamic mix of contestants, including Jim Rosenthal, Tom Rosenthal, Sonnaz Nooranvary, Brenton West, Kadeena Cox, Lauren Steadman, Mark Wingett, and Trudie Goodwin. As these well-known personalities team up to tackle a variety of questions, the episode promises to be a blend of fun, wit, and friendly rivalry.

Hosted by Alexander Armstrong and assisted by co-host Richard Osman, “Pointless Celebrities” offers a unique twist on the classic quiz show format. Contestants strive to provide answers that are both correct and uncommon, aiming to score as few points as possible. With each round, the pressure increases as contestants work to uncover the elusive “pointless” answers.

What Time is the “Special” Episode On?

The Special episode of Pointless Celebrities will be broadcast on September 2 2023 on BBC One at 7:40 PM.

Is the “Special” Episode New?

The Special episode of Pointless Celebrities is all new!

Pointless Celebrities Special Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Alexander Armstrong
Richard Osman

Special Episode Videos & Previews

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Pointless Celebrities Series Information

Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present a celebrity version of the general knowledge quiz in which contestants try to come up with the answers that nobody else could think of.

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