The Hunt: In Search Of Australia’s Big Cats 3 September 2023 on Blaze

Tonight (Sunday 3 September 2023), Blaze broadcasts an episode of the series The Hunt: In Search Of Australia’s Big Cats!

Episode Summary

In this episode, viewers will be immersed in a quest to uncover the truth behind the mysterious presence of big cats in the Australian bush, a phenomenon that has sparked legends and debates for years.

While many dismiss the existence of these elusive felines as an urban myth, the mystery surrounding their reported sightings persists. Almost daily accounts of encounters have fueled the fascination, and now, expert Vaughan King is determined to bring concrete evidence to light. King, a former big cat keeper at Australia Zoo, joins forces with seasoned researchers John Turner and Simon Townsend in their mission to investigate recent sightings of panthers and pumas in the wild.

Their goal? To provide undeniable proof of a living population of big cats in the Australian bush, a concept that authorities have long denied. The trio embarks on a journey that takes them through the captivating and remote landscapes of the Otways region in Victoria, the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, and the southwest region of Western Australia.

As they delve deeper into their investigation, the team encounters remarkable firsthand accounts of close encounters, baffling livestock deaths, and spine-chilling animal growls in the darkness. Armed with the latest evidence gathering techniques, including remote long-range camera trapping, they collect compelling material that is sent for scientific testing.

The documentary offers viewers a glimpse into the suspenseful wait for DNA test results, which could finally confirm the existence of these big cats in the Australian bush. Throughout their journey, King, Turner, and Townsend remain steadfast on the trail of these elusive creatures, ready to face the unknown at any moment. The emotional toll this relentless pursuit takes on them adds an additional layer of depth to this captivating quest.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of The Hunt: In Search Of Australia’s Big Cats will be broadcast on September 3 2023 on Blaze at 9:50 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of The Hunt: In Search Of Australia’s Big Cats is all new!

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