Breeders “No Kids” S4E7 September 4 2023 on FX

Tonight (Monday September 4 2023), FX broadcasts an episode of the series Breeders!

No Kids Season 4 Episode 7 Episode Summary

In this episode, viewers will join Paul and Ally as they navigate the unexpected turn of events that transforms their planned family holiday into an intimate getaway for just the two of them.

The episode opens with Paul and Ally grappling with the disappointment of their altered holiday plans. Despite the initial letdown, the two embark on their vacation with an open mind, leading them to cross paths with new acquaintances who might just add a unique twist to their trip.

Meanwhile, Luke is on the verge of a major life change as he readies himself for a new chapter with Maya. The episode promises a significant decision on Luke’s part, one that could redefine the trajectory of his future alongside Maya.

What Time is the “No Kids” Episode On?

The No Kids episode of Breeders will be broadcast on September 4 2023 on FX at 10:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “No Kids” Episode New?

The No Kids episode of Breeders is all new!

Breeders No Kids Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Martin Freeman as Paul Worsley
Daisy Haggard as Ally

No Kids Episode Videos & Previews

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Breeders Series Information

"Breeders" explores the paradox experienced by nearly all parents, the willingness to die for one's children coupled with the near-constant desire to kill them. Paul is a caring father who discovers he's not quite the man he thought he was. His partner, Ally, runs a recording studio, makes Paul laugh and has the ability to read a story to their children while she's technically asleep. In this honest and uncompromising comedy, Paul and Ally are juggling full-time careers, aging parents, a mortgage, upheavals in their relationship and the unenviable curveballs of parenting their young children, Luke and Ava. When Ally's estranged father Michael appears on their doorstep, the family essentially takes on a third child three quarters of the time, but this one comes with baggage and opinions. Paul's own parents, Jackie and Jim, are on hand to help out, but their generation does parenting a little differently.

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