Fatal Attraction “Intercepting a Killer” S13E48 September 4 2023 on TV One

Tonight (Monday September 4 2023), TV One broadcasts an episode of the series Fatal Attraction!

Intercepting a Killer Season 13 Episode 48 Episode Summary

The episode opens with a chilling scene—a young woman and her friend are mercilessly gunned down right outside her parent’s residence. As detectives take on the case, they find themselves grappling with a perplexing puzzle. The motive behind this heinous act remains shrouded in mystery, leaving the investigators with a range of unsettling possibilities.

Could the young woman have unwittingly become collateral damage in a drive-by shooting, caught tragically in the crossfire of a violent shootout? Alternatively, the chilling thought of a jealous rage lingers, as detectives consider the possibility of a personal vendetta turning deadly.

What Time is the “Intercepting a Killer” Episode On?

The Intercepting a Killer episode of Fatal Attraction will be broadcast on September 4 2023 on TV One at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Intercepting a Killer” Episode New?

The Intercepting a Killer episode of Fatal Attraction is all new!

Fatal Attraction Intercepting a Killer Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Malikha Mallette

Intercepting a Killer Episode Videos & Previews

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Fatal Attraction Series Information

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close are nowhere to be found in this docuseries that explores the potential consequences when an all-consuming romance causes people to commit unthinkable criminal acts in the name of love. Each hourlong episode brings together first-person testimonials with evocative cinematography and interrogation footage to illustrate the crime and the incidents that led up to it. The show opens with the crime before entering flashback mode and using re-enactments to provide a glimpse into the heart of the dangerous romance prior to the act being committed.

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