Saddle Up! “Johnny Ringo – The Arrival” S1E65 6 September 2023 on Talking Pictures TV

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Tonight (Wednesday 6 September 2023), Talking Pictures TV broadcasts an episode of the series Saddle Up!!


Johnny Ringo – The Arrival Season 1 Episode 65 Episode Summary

In this episode, viewers will be transported to the rugged landscapes of the open frontier as they follow the story of Johnny Ringo, a gunslinger who finds himself in a new role. Hired as the town’s new sheriff, Ringo faces the challenge of taming the wild and lawless territory he’s been entrusted to protect. With gunslinger skills at his disposal and a sense of justice in his heart, Ringo sets out to bring order to a town in need.

As the story unfolds, viewers will be drawn into the world of Johnny Ringo, his complex character, and the intricacies of life on the frontier.

What Time is the “Johnny Ringo – The Arrival” Episode On?

The Johnny Ringo – The Arrival episode of Saddle Up! will be broadcast on September 6 2023 on Talking Pictures TV at 5:25 PM.

Is the “Johnny Ringo – The Arrival” Episode New?

The Johnny Ringo – The Arrival episode of Saddle Up! is all new!

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