El Futuro del Planeta “Deforestation” S2E8 8 September 2023 on EarthxTV

Tonight (Friday 8 September 2023), EarthxTV broadcasts an episode of the series El Futuro del Planeta!

Deforestation Season 2 Episode 8 Episode Summary

In this episode, Ivan’s journey is sparked by the discovery of a meme related to the controversial construction of the Mayan Train. With a keen desire to understand the broader implications of this construction project, Ivan embarks on a mission to explore the effects it has on the region’s biodiversity.

As Ivan ventures into the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, viewers can expect to witness his firsthand exploration of the environmental changes caused by deforestation. Through engaging storytelling and insightful interviews, the episode sheds light on the interconnectedness between human activities, infrastructure projects, and the delicate ecosystems that they affect.

What Time is the “Deforestation” Episode On?

The Deforestation episode of El Futuro del Planeta will be broadcast on September 8 2023 on EarthxTV at 8:00 PM.

Is the “Deforestation” Episode New?

The Deforestation episode of El Futuro del Planeta is all new!

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