Lucky Dog “Party Animals” S10E23 September 9 2023 on CBS

Tonight (Saturday September 9 2023), CBS broadcasts an episode of the series Lucky Dog!

Party Animals Season 10 Episode 23 Episode Summary

In this installment, Eric and Rashi, the dedicated hosts of the show, take on a heartening mission to prepare shelter dogs for their new forever homes—homes of adopters whose lives revolve around parties and social events.

“Lucky Dog” is all about transforming the lives of shelter dogs by providing them with the training and love they need to become cherished members of their new families. In “Party Animals,” Eric and Rashi take this mission to the next level by matching shelter dogs with adopters who have a vibrant social life, and whose homes are full of celebrations and gatherings.

The episode captures the heartwarming journey of these shelter dogs as they undergo a transformation that prepares them for their new lives as beloved companions in lively and social households. Eric and Rashi’s expertise and compassion shine through as they work closely with each dog, tailoring their training to match the needs and expectations of their future families.

What Time is the “Party Animals” Episode On?

The Party Animals episode of Lucky Dog will be broadcast on September 9 2023 on CBS at 7:00 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “Party Animals” Episode New?

The Party Animals episode of Lucky Dog is all new!

Lucky Dog Party Animals Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Brandon McMillan
Rashi Khanna Wiese
Eric Wiese

Party Animals Episode Videos & Previews

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Lucky Dog Series Information

Animal trainers rescue difficult-to-love and untrained dogs that find themselves at the neighborhood animal shelter. The trainers then tackle the involved task of transforming dogs with behavioral issues into model pets, using sound training methods that viewers can use at home to train their own dogs. Each episode showcases the story of the success story of a rehabilitated dog and the family that takes it home.

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