Tomorrow’s World Today “Smart House” S6E1 September 9 2023 on Science

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Tonight (Saturday September 9 2023), Science broadcasts an episode of the series Tomorrow’s World Today!


Smart House Season 6 Episode 1 Episode Summary

Host George is enlisting the expertise of Greg, who embarks on an exploratory journey to the World of Innovation. With a focus on the revolutionary concept of smart homes, Greg delves into how technology is reshaping the way we interact with our living spaces.

In “Smart House,” viewers can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the myriad ways in which smart home technology is revolutionizing our domestic environments. From intuitive voice-controlled assistants that can adjust lighting, temperature, and more with a simple command, to seamlessly integrated security systems that provide peace of mind, the episode will showcase the full spectrum of possibilities that smart home technology brings to the table.

Greg’s immersive journey will provide a firsthand look at how smart homes are streamlining daily tasks, enhancing energy efficiency, and improving overall convenience. With a focus on innovation, the episode promises to highlight the latest advancements and the pioneers behind these groundbreaking technologies.

What Time is the “Smart House” Episode On?

The Smart House episode of Tomorrow’s World Today will be broadcast on September 9 2023 on Science at 10:00 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “Smart House” Episode New?

The Smart House episode of Tomorrow’s World Today is all new!

Tomorrow’s World Today Smart House Cast & Stars

Main Cast
George Davison
Tamara Lee Krinsky

Smart House Episode Videos & Previews

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Tomorrow’s World Today Series Information

Tomorrow's World Today" presents a cutting-edge approach to exploring concepts in science and technology that are changing lives today and making a difference tomorrow. The series introduces innovative pioneers around the world who are forming new ways to utilize natural and technological resources to create a more sustainable society. One of those pioneers is host George Davison, an author/tech ambassador and creator of Inventionland, an immersive work environment for entrepreneurs to design products of the future. Actress/writer Tamara Krinsky reports from the field.

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