Bobby’s Triple Threat “Titans vs. Jose Garces” S2E4 September 12 2023 on Food Network

Tonight (Tuesday September 12 2023), Food Network broadcasts an episode of the series Bobby’s Triple Threat!

Titans vs. Jose Garces Season 2 Episode 4 Episode Summary

Chef Jose Garces goes head-to-head against Bobby Flay’s Titans in three rounds of gastronomic excellence.

As the episode unfolds, the excitement builds as Jose Garces brings his unmatched culinary prowess to the table, ready to challenge Bobby Flay’s talented team, the Titans. With each round packed with flavor and creativity, the stakes are high as both teams vie for victory in this epic cooking battle.

The episode promises thrilling twists and turns, as Iron Chef Jose Garces employs his strategic skills to keep Bobby Flay’s Titans on their toes. In a surprising move, Jose shocks Brooke Williamson, a member of Bobby’s team, with unexpected Round 3 ingredients. However, Brooke is not one to back down from a challenge and is determined to rise to the occasion.

What Time is the “Titans vs. Jose Garces” Episode On?

The Titans vs. Jose Garces episode of Bobby’s Triple Threat will be broadcast on September 12 2023 on Food Network at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Titans vs. Jose Garces” Episode New?

The Titans vs. Jose Garces episode of Bobby’s Triple Threat is all new!

Bobby’s Triple Threat Titans vs. Jose Garces Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Bobby Flay

Titans vs. Jose Garces Episode Videos & Previews

Watch Bobby’s Triple Threat Titans vs. Jose Garces Online

Bobby’s Triple Threat Series Information

One hopeful chef competes against a trio of culinary titans picked by Bobby Flay.

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17 Responses

  1. Elaine DeFelice says:

    Tonight Bobby Flay’s Triple Threat treated the viewers to the wild man Jose Garces as he showed his disgust for the judge and the fact that he LOST. Baaaad Looook SORE LOOSER!!!!!!! Jose!!!!

  2. Jay says:

    Triple Threat NEEDS more than one judge. Symon and Garces both got screwed as a result of the single judge system. In the most recent episode with Garces on presentation alone there is no way in hell Brooke beat him and I’m a huge Brooke fan. If you look at Bobby Flay I don’t think he agreed with the results. The judging if it stays as is will have me removing the show from my list.

  3. Iron Chef Garces, even if you do not 👍 with results, speak with respect to your competitior, you just left your ego o
    the floor .

  4. Alex says:

    Jose got screwed. I knew this show was a scam. No way she beat him on the last dish. Bobby has it rigged

    • Suzanne Keplinger says:

      I don’t think Bobby had it rigged, but I think the judge knew who made the last dish and give it to Brooke instead of Chief Garces, because she was also a woman. I am also a woman, but I do think that the judge was biases. Also I did not like the way she pick the dishes as she did. I watch tons of these cooking shows and she is the worries I have ever seen.

  5. Windy says:

    No way Chef Garcas should have lost. From the looks on the faces of Bobby Flay and the “Titans” they seem to agree. Chef Garcas was not a poor loser – just calling out the stupidity and the uneducated opinion of the so-called judge. Where do they find these people? Will no longer watch this show. Given this latest debacle, I think Bobby Flay will have a hard time getting chefs of substance to participate. Time for Bobby Flay to leave the Food Network and for new talent to step forward.

    • Suzanne Keplinger says:

      I agree she was not a good judge at all. She knew that Chief Garcas had picked out the Pigs Feet and give it to Brooke. I love Brooke, but did you see how shocked she was when she won, she knew her dish was not that great and was so shocked that she won.

  6. Suzanne Keplinger says:

    As I have commented on others that voiced there opinion I do not think the judge this week was fair on judging Chief Garcas. Brooke is great, but I do think with out tasting the food that she did not win this competition. He got cheated. I did not like this judge, and I suggest she not be allowed to judge again.

  7. William Shook says:

    We watched the Titans vs Jose Garses last night: The judge Aliya LeeKong was clearly there with a plan to take down Jose Garses, she humiliated him in the first round with a score of 6, then gave him a tie the second round and then for her finishing touch she clearly snatched victory from him which was her plan all along to the point of being CRUEL. The show and Bobby Flay owe Jose Garses and the people who watched APOLOGY. What is even more disturbing is that you allowed the show to air in the first place.

  8. Bill Shook says:

    The Blind taste test is a joke, the whole crew should be ashamed of themselves, you lost all credibility, you had to cheat the real Titan, I’m Done

  9. Doni says:

    So disappointed with the results for Jose vs Brook. It appears the judge just wanted to make sure the Titans win. It’s not hard to figure it out who did dish A and who did dish B. It’s just the opposite of the dish before. I love Brook but she admitted herself that her dish was not the way she wanted. It did look like an appetizer compared to Jose’s masterpiece. Same thing for Michael Simmon. He got a raw deal also. Maybe have blind judging for all dishes before revealing scores and who made what. Three contestants…all results are announced at the end so the judges cannot play favorites.

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