Taffy “Alex’s Investigation” S2E42 12 September 2023 on CBBC

Tonight (Tuesday 12 September 2023), CBBC broadcasts an episode of the series Taffy!

Alex’s Investigation Season 2 Episode 42 Episode Summary

The episode centers around Alex, who pays a visit to Mrs. Muchmore’s grand mansion. However, during his time there, he stumbles upon some peculiar traces that hint at the presence of a raccoon. Intrigued by this discovery, Alex becomes convinced that there’s a raccoon hiding somewhere within the mansion’s luxurious walls.

With determination in his heart, Alex embarks on a mission to uncover the elusive raccoon’s whereabouts. But he’s not alone in his quest for the truth. Bentley, always eager to lend a hand, joins forces with Alex to unravel the mystery and expose the identity of this mysterious raccoon.

What Time is the “Alex’s Investigation” Episode On?

The Alex’s Investigation episode of Taffy will be broadcast on September 12 2023 on CBBC at 3:55 PM.

Is the “Alex’s Investigation” Episode New?

The Alex’s Investigation episode of Taffy is all new!

Taffy Alex’s Investigation Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Billy Bob Thompson as Scraggs, a.k.a. "Taffy"
Tyler Bunch as Bentley
Serra Hirsch as Mrs. Muchmore
Jeffrey Hylton as Forsythe
Starr Busby as Binikos
Maggie Politi as Mrs. Highcost
Maria Bamford as Addie
Lisa Ortiz as Mish
Vega de Seve as Mash
Natalie Hitzel as Mrs. Allperfect
Barrett Leddy as Bradley
Dan Green as Ghost Bentley
Marc Thompson as Ghost Taffy

Alex’s Investigation Episode Videos & Previews

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Taffy Series Information

Taffy the racoon is up to no good. At least that's what hunting dog Bentley has to say about it. Taffy is pretending to be a cat so that billionaire Mrs Muchmore will look after him. Her dog Bentley is ready to expose Taffy no matter what it takes.

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