Bakugan “Viva Corndogs!” S1E11 14 September 2023 on Pop

Tonight (Thursday 14 September 2023), Pop broadcasts an episode of the series Bakugan!

Viva Corndogs! Season 1 Episode 11 Episode Summary

In this episode, Dan finds himself at the center of a comical storm when a corndog-themed video, made without his consent, is leaked and spreads like wildfire across the internet. The unintended hilarity of the situation turns Dan into an unwitting viral sensation, much to his chagrin.

As Dan grapples with his newfound internet fame, his loyal Bakugan partner, Drago, steps in to divert his attention away from the viral video. While Drago tries to keep Dan occupied, the rest of the team races against the clock to find a way to have the video taken down and put an end to Dan’s unexpected internet notoriety.

What Time is the “Viva Corndogs!” Episode On?

The Viva Corndogs! episode of Bakugan will be broadcast on September 14 2023 on Pop at 9:31 PM.

Is the “Viva Corndogs!” Episode New?

The Viva Corndogs! episode of Bakugan is all new!

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Bakugan Series Information

In this anime adventure series, a bunch of more-than-ordinary playing cards drop from the sky, landing all over Earth. A group of friends who pick up the cards -- Dan, Bruno, Marucho, Julie, Shun and Alice -- team up to become the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. The Battle Brawlers must assist in the battle between good and evil in a parallel universe. As they learn more about the cards, they discover more about the power struggle in the alternate universe of New Vestroia, and do their utmost to help the Bakugan there win the day.

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