999: Emergency Call Out S2E4 19 September 2023 on 5*

Tonight (Tuesday 19 September 2023), 5* broadcasts an episode of the series 999: Emergency Call Out!

Season 2 Episode 4 Episode Summary

In this installment, viewers will be thrust into the heart of intense emergency situations that demand immediate attention and coordinated responses from both police and paramedics.

The episode promises to be a gripping ride, showcasing the challenges faced by emergency responders as they navigate extremely dangerous driving incidents. From high-speed pursuits to chaotic scenes on the road, the stakes are high, and every moment counts.

In addition to the vehicular mayhem, the episode delves into a harrowing scenario involving a fire raging within a block of flats. The relentless flames and the potential threat to residents require swift and decisive action from the joint police and paramedic teams.

Furthermore, viewers will witness the critical efforts to save a man who has sustained a serious head injury. The urgency of the situation is palpable, and the professionals on the front lines must work together seamlessly to provide the best possible care.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of 999: Emergency Call Out will be broadcast on September 19 2023 on 5* at 9:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of 999: Emergency Call Out is all new!

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999: Emergency Call Out Series Information

For the first time in Britain, police and paramedics are joining forces to respond to 999 calls for help, using state-of-the-art fast response cars to be the first on scene at the most challenging and complex incidents.

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