Secrets of Our Universe 19 September 2023 on Channel 5

Tonight (Tuesday 19 September 2023), Channel 5 broadcasts an episode of the series Secrets of Our Universe!

Episode Summary

This family-friendly exploration of the universe promises an action-packed adventure that will leave viewers of all ages captivated.

In this episode, viewers will join astronaut Tim as he embarks on an exhilarating quest to unravel the mysteries of our solar system. One of the key focuses will be understanding what sets each planet in our solar system apart from the others. From the scorching deserts of Venus to the icy expanse of Neptune, Tim will take audiences on a tour of these celestial bodies, revealing the unique characteristics and wonders that make each planet a distinct world of its own.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Secrets of Our Universe will be broadcast on September 19 2023 on Channel 5 at 9:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Secrets of Our Universe is all new!

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