Hey Duggee “The Wish Badge” S4E33 20 September 2023 on CBeebies

Tonight (Wednesday 20 September 2023), CBeebies broadcasts an episode of the series Hey Duggee!

The Wish Badge Season 4 Episode 33 Episode Summary

In this adventure, the Squirrels are lending a hand to Duggee as they help him tidy up some of his belongings, including an old desk and lamp. Little do they know that the lamp holds the key to three magical wishes.

As the Squirrels diligently clean the lamp, they discover that it has the power to grant their wishes, just like in the stories they’ve heard. However, there’s a twist to the tale. Instead of a traditional genie, they meet Professor Jeanie, a remarkable scientist who can make their wishes come true through the magic of science.

While the Squirrels enjoy the magic of their wishes coming true, they also receive a valuable lesson in science and how it can be used to explore and understand the world around them. It’s a delightful blend of imagination and education that “Hey Duggee” is known for.

What Time is the “The Wish Badge” Episode On?

The The Wish Badge episode of Hey Duggee will be broadcast on September 20 2023 on CBeebies at 7:05 AM.

Is the “The Wish Badge” Episode New?

The The Wish Badge episode of Hey Duggee is all new!

Hey Duggee The Wish Badge Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Sander Jones
Jasmine Bartholomew
Arabella Duffy
Poppie Boyes
Ollie Chequer
Duke Davis
Bella Green
Sander Jones
Alfie Sanderson
Leo Templer
Dexter Varrell

The Wish Badge Episode Videos & Previews

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Hey Duggee Series Information

Duggee and his gang engage in different baking activities and a fun-filled treasure hunt.

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