The Ms. Pat Show S3E6 “Nudes and Dudes” Cast, Plot, Time Tonight September 20 2023

Tonight (Wednesday September 20 2023), BET broadcasts an episode of the series The Ms. Pat Show titled Nudes and Dudes.

Nudes and Dudes Season 3, Episode 6 Episode Summary

The episode takes off with Janelle finding herself in a tight spot when she commits a terrible blunder. In a moment of digital misfortune, she accidentally sends a rather personal photo meant for her boyfriend to none other than her own mom. The consequences of this mishap promise to be both embarrassing and uproarious, setting the stage for some unforgettable laughs.

Meanwhile, Denise is under immense pressure as she finds herself dating none other than Terry’s boss. The stakes are high in this romantic endeavor, as Terry’s promotion at work hangs in the balance. Denise’s journey through the complexities of dating while her husband’s career is on the line is sure to lead to comedic chaos and awkward moments.

What Time is the “Nudes and Dudes” Episode On?

The Nudes and Dudes episode of The Ms. Pat Show will be broadcast on September 20 2023 on BET at 10:30 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Nudes and Dudes” Episode New?

The Nudes and Dudes episode of The Ms. Pat Show is all new!

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Episode 6 Cast & Nudes and Dudes Stars

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Nudes and Dudes Episode Videos & Previews

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The Ms. Pat Show Series Information

A street-wise woman finds herself living in middle America as an unlikely suburban mum.

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