Alma’s Way “Piragua Problem; Balloon Blues” S2E4 September 21 2023 on PBS

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Tonight (Thursday September 21 2023), PBS broadcasts an episode of the series Alma’s Way!

Piragua Problem; Balloon Blues Season 2 Episode 4 Episode Summary

In this installment, young viewers will be treated to two charming and relatable stories that explore the joys and challenges of childhood.

In the first story, “Piragua Problem,” Mr. Piragua Man, a beloved neighborhood figure, decides to name a new flavor after Alma. This delightful twist promises to bring a smile to viewers’ faces as Alma’s connection with her community continues to grow. It’s a sweet and heartwarming tale of recognition and appreciation.

In the second story, “Balloon Blues,” Alma’s playful spirit shines as she eagerly wants to continue playing with balloon animals. However, her friend André seems to have had his fill of the fun. Young viewers will relate to the ups and downs of childhood friendships, where different interests can sometimes create challenges.

What Time is the “Piragua Problem; Balloon Blues” Episode On?

The Piragua Problem; Balloon Blues episode of Alma’s Way will be broadcast on September 21 2023 on PBS at 8:30 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “Piragua Problem; Balloon Blues” Episode New?

The Piragua Problem; Balloon Blues episode of Alma’s Way is all new!

Alma’s Way Piragua Problem; Balloon Blues Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Summer Rose Castillo as Alma
Sonia Manzano as Granny Isa
Jacob Crespo as Eddie Mambo
Sharon Montero as Teta Slave
Annie Henk as Mami
Naysa Nishash Shokeen as Rafia Huda
Julian Lerner as Lucas
Niason DaCosta as André King
Jesus E. Martinez as Papi
Victor Cruz as Frankie Four Feet
Emily Isabel as Becka
Marco Antonio Rodriguez as Uncle Nestor
Danny Bolero as Abuelo
Ratnesh Dubey as Anik Huda

Piragua Problem; Balloon Blues Episode Videos & Previews

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Alma’s Way Series Information

Six-year old Alma, a Puerto Rican girl who lives with her family in the Bronx, learns to think for herself, making mistakes and finding solutions along the way.

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