Classic Movies: The Story Of “The Story Of The Graduate” S1E4 21 September 2023 on Sky Arts

Tonight (Thursday 21 September 2023), Sky Arts broadcasts an episode of the series Classic Movies: The Story Of!

The Story Of The Graduate Season 1 Episode 4 Episode Summary

Hosted by renowned movie critic Ian Nathan, the episode delves into the unique elements and enduring appeal of “The Graduate,” a film that left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. Viewers can look forward to a comprehensive analysis of what sets this movie apart and why it continues to be cherished by audiences of all generations.

“The Graduate,” starring the iconic Dustin Hoffman, is celebrated not only for its compelling storytelling but also for its groundbreaking cinematography, memorable performances, and evocative soundtrack. Ian Nathan’s examination aims to shed light on the various aspects that contribute to the film’s timeless status.

What Time is the “The Story Of The Graduate” Episode On?

The The Story Of The Graduate episode of Classic Movies: The Story Of will be broadcast on September 21 2023 on Sky Arts at 8:00 PM.

Is the “The Story Of The Graduate” Episode New?

The The Story Of The Graduate episode of Classic Movies: The Story Of is all new!

Classic Movies: The Story Of The Story Of The Graduate Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Ian Nathan

The Story Of The Graduate Episode Videos & Previews

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Classic Movies: The Story Of Series Information

This new co-production from 3DD & Sky Arts, goes in search of the cinematically sublime. Those films that have transcended their era to enter the pantheon of greats.

With each episode devoted to a single film, their story will be told with detail, affection, looking for the truth behind the myth, all the trials and triumphs that went into forging a classic. But this isn’t simply history, the standard making of, it’s about identifying those ingredients immortal scenes, performances, themes, luxuriant cinematography, art direction, special effects, music, even the power of a single line – that elevate a film to a new level.

Hosted by Ian Nathan, guide us through the story from inception to legacy, supplemented with regular input along with special guest, with unique insight, historians who have devoted entire books, and visit to special location, where they shot or that served as a key inspiration, bringing each of these films to life with a dynamic presentation. We are on a journey to find out not what makes a film good, but what makes it classic.

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