James Martin’s Spanish Adventure “Cordoba” S1E14 21 September 2023 on ITV

Tonight (Thursday 21 September 2023), ITV broadcasts an episode of the series James Martin’s Spanish Adventure!

Cordoba Season 1 Episode 14 Episode Summary

James begins his adventure by embarking on an eco tuk-tuk tour of Cordoba, allowing him to soak in the city’s vibrant atmosphere. His first stop takes him to a local food market, where he immerses himself in the rich flavors and ingredients that define Cordoban cuisine.

One of the highlights of this episode is James’s visit to a Michelin-starred restaurant, where he has the pleasure of savoring a mouthwatering oxtail dish. As a culinary expert, James’s appreciation for the artistry of food shines through, and viewers can expect a sensory experience as he indulges in this exquisite meal.

Additionally, James takes on the role of a judge in a salmorejo competition. Salmorejo, a traditional Spanish cold tomato soup, is a beloved dish in Cordoba. James’s expertise and discerning palate make him the perfect judge to assess the competitors’ renditions of this classic dish.

The episode also offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of pastel Cordobes, a sweet pastry that is a local specialty. James’s curiosity and passion for food are evident as he explores the craftsmanship that goes into creating this delectable treat.

What Time is the “Cordoba” Episode On?

The Cordoba episode of James Martin’s Spanish Adventure will be broadcast on September 21 2023 on ITV at 2:00 PM.

Is the “Cordoba” Episode New?

The Cordoba episode of James Martin’s Spanish Adventure is all new!

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James Martin’s Spanish Adventure Series Information

James Martin is back travelling and exploring local cuisines, this time in Spain, a country rich in culinary history and culture. James travels across the breadth of Spain, from Extramadura to San Sebastian, discovering the country's diverse regions through food.

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